What We Do

The three major activities of NSB are:


Awareness is one of our essential activities. Since one of our objectives is to create a Social Business movement in Nepal awareness is the first step in this direction. Among the awareness activities we are running regular talk programs at schools, universities; seminars and events as well as seek cooperation with local print and broadcasting media. We also engage ourselves in producing Nepali documents and information material to Social Business like guidelines, FAQs and translate books on the issue of social business or social entrepreneurship.

We believe that young people can gain nowhere better working skills, than if they are actually being involved in practical work. Therefore NSB is hosting and organizing internships or fellowships with NSB itself or the social businesses that NSB incubates. In that way the projects gets the newest knowledge coming from colleges and universities while the students gets to learn more about the reality in daily working life.


Incubation – to nurture and grow entrepreneurs – is the next crucial step towards a vital Social Business community in Nepal.  During incubation we groom non business individuals and groups to social business experts. We train them on various business skills while in the same time systematically link social issue into their business model. Incubation is an integrated structure of training, mentoring and experts consultation sessions.

Mentoring happens through a project buddy who accompanies the project from the early idea until it finally is getting profitable. Project buddies are working closely with projects to create a good relationship and can thereby guide the entrepreneur in the best way towards an impactful as well as sustainable social business.

With experts we bring the needed technical knowledge into a project. In field specific one to one teaching and counseling sessions by experts the project needs. Several expert consultation sessions are taken throughout the training phase and where needed even beyond this is conducted either in person or through Skype, telephone or internet.

In a 156-hours Training program incubates are given various hard and soft skills, they need for running medium-scale business. The training is structured in several blocks each containing of a 2 – 3 full day session.


NSB helps the entrepreneurs in funding the needed seed money for starting their enterprise. We therefore fund the selected social business concept.

Chaudhary Foundation itself has pledged $ 100,000 per year to cover administrative and part of awareness. By joining hands with LCIF and Lions Club Nepal our plan is to invest approximately 6 Million USD in the next years on around 330 Social Businesses.

All seed money is provided to the social business entrepreneurs without interest and without any collateral. The amount of the fund as well as the payback period may vary depending on nature of business. Social Businesses shall return the fund after they have reached break even so that the money can be re-invested into other Social Businesses. Once the fund is being paid back we shall reinvest the fund to generate other social business.

Social Business supported by NSB shall be morally bound to invest into other social business in their region after they have paid back our seed money.

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